The resonance box

She said she always wanted her own furniture maker, somebody who can tap into her brain and read what she's looking for. This is how our partnership started.


Aida Shahghasemi, with her brand new sound gallery, The Resonance Box, is doing something unique, so nateurally we wanted to do something unique for her, too. 


These are not your average boxes. Average boxes are not made with locally sourced wood, they don't have butterfly keys to melt your heart away when you look at them, and most importantly they're not hand made

Kufi Tiles

Kufi is the oldest calligraphic form of Arabic scripts

We wanted to give each box its own character, its own touch, and feel. After all, it used to be alive, it's still alive, it deserved to be treated well, like the humans that were going to sit on them. It had to be worthy of the beautiful sound coming out of them.


But it's only a box, isn't it?! Not for us, not in the eyes of Kaashi Furniture. Thanks Aida, for letting us be a part of something greater than us.