This is our work space. Not insulated, at all. But it’s warm. Not because we have a gas heater in the corner, but because we make it warm everyday, by jumping around, working hard, laughing, and sometimes stressing over late orders.

On sunny days, a beautiful array of light shines through the tiny door in the back, giving us just enough light to not give up and go inside to watch Netflix (and chill). On rainy and snowy days, we have to shovel the snow and rain that creeps in from underneath the garage door and hope we don’t drown.

We have table saw, a thickness planer, and a router that we pretty much use every day. If any of them break, it’ll be all hands on deck to fix them. Our everyday work depends on them. Every once in a while, we try to get fancy and use hand tools, and that reminds us that woodworking takes patience. I’m talking about real patience. We might spend hours upon hours making a joint fit, or days sanding a table top smooth. If it wasn’t for the small dust vacuum we have, we’d be walking on 2 inches of saw dust or get asthma after a week’s worth of work. Away from our lumber storage, which is essentially a couple of lousy brackets on the wall holding 500 pounds of wood, there is a mirror to remind us that we’re still humans. And we should take a break every now and then. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, contemplate life, and get back at it with even more energy. Right above the mirror, there is a Minnesota Wild’s clock to tell us stop working when it’s 11 pm. It’s time to go home, brush our teeth, and rest. Tomorrow, there will be enough work to keep us busy until midnight, again.